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Need a Shuttle? Ride A Porcupine!

Ride A Porcupine? Only In Moab!

Porcupine Shuttle offers hassle-free loading & unloading of your bikes and gear.

Our air-conditioned vans will pick you up right at Poison Spider Bike Shop, your hotel, or campsite. Scheduled departures for Porcupine Rim Trail during the spring and fall; this is the best time of the year to ride the Porcupine. Get in more ride-time on your Moab trip!

Reasons to use a shuttle during your trip to Moab:

-Some rides, like Porcupine Rim Trail, have a substantial climb even with a shuttle. This makes the difference for first-timers and tired veterans as well, allowing you to have more fun and log in more ride time.

-Some roads, such as the Sand Flats Road that riders use to pedal up 12 miles to Porcupine, get very congested and extra-dusty…not too fun.

-The absolute latest information on trail conditions are always known to our shuttle drivers, as well as other rides you won’t hear of too often.

-More riding! If you cut out the boring or trafficked parts of Moab’s famous rides, you’ll surely be able to take on more of them.

(435) 260-0896

Call us for current shuttle schedule and rates

Porcupine Shuttle Is Owned & Operated by Bryan Nickell

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Important Rental Bike Information
Please Read This Entire Page Before Placing Your Reservation. Rental bikes pictured on this page may not always be available on your day of rental with the exact color and/or graphics pictured, due to many varied circumstances. We reserve the right to substitute color, and consumable parts, at all times. It’s for your own good- our fleet is in TOP condition.
  • 48 Hour Cancellation Policy: After reserving, your bike is removed from our fleet’s availability list.
  • Reservations require a credit card number that we will only charge if you do not call to cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled rental. If you fail to do so, we will bill your card for the first day of the reservation for each bike that we could have rented otherwise.
  • Bikes can be picked up at after 8 am on the first day of your rental and must be dropped off before 5:00 pm on the last day of your rental. When you pick up your bikes, you will be asked to read and sign a waiver. We will make an imprint of a credit card for a deposit on the equipment.
  • Your rental must be paid in full before leaving the shop.Each rider must be present for brief safety instruction and orientation on the use of the rental equipment.
  • List Accurate Heights and Weights. We book the bike based on the height and weight that you have given us. If you guess or give us a wrong height there is a good chance that we will not have the right size bike for you when you arrive. The weight limits on our bikes is 275 pounds.
  • Transportation of Bicycles. We do rent hitch racks (2-4 bikes), roof racks (2-3 bikes) and also trunk car racks. (2 bikes) You can call in to reserve these as we do rent out on busy weekends. We also work with shuttle companies that may be able to help you get to your desired trails. Plan ahead!
  • Group Discount Rate:Groups of 6 or more receive $5 off per bike each day
  • Need our help? To reserve a specific bike or ask questions, please call us at 1-800-635-1792 or CONTACT US >
  • Reservations Are Highly Recommended. During the busy seasons we will BOOK out 2-3 weeks prior. If you are trying to reserve a bike with 72 hours it is best to give us a phone call to check availability.