Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We have the biggest fleet in town. We carry Trek, Rocky Mountain, Pivot, Yeti, Ibis and Orbea bicycles. You can check out the bikes we have via this website and must be over 18 to reserve!

Our rentals include a helmet, pedal change (we can put on SPD, Time, Crankbrothers or basic Flat pedals) and a flat repair kit (tube, pump, patch kit, tire lever and chain tool).

YES! We have XS, XL and universal fit helmets.

March, April, May, September, October, most of November, rental times are pickup at 8am and return at 5pm. For multi days, you keep the bikes and return the last day of your rental by 5pm. Regardless what time you pick up the bike, it will be considered a “rental day”. **This does not include “early pickup” which happens only in the summer months, mid June-end of August (when it’s over 100 degrees!) From Thanksgiving until March 1, 9-6pm with bikes still due back at 5pm.

No. Our mechanics give each bike that goes out, a full tuneup, once it is returned. They have two hours from the time the bikes are to be returned till 7pm when we close. If you bring your bike back late, guess what? One of our mechanics, who has already been here since 7:45am has to stay late to prepare that bike for the next day rental.

No we do not. Those items are used a little harder and are a little sweatier. Ever heard of Athlete’s Foot? Please bring your own.

No, all of our bikes are full suspension.

In the spring and fall months, come prepared for cooler temperatures and the possible rainstorm. Hydration packs all year! We follow for the most accurate weather forecasts.

Normally, yes. The LaSals will get snow and keep it but normally if we get snow here in the valley, it melts rather quickly. There are trail systems that melt faster than others and some are sandier than others. Stop in the shop and we can point you in the right direction.

Yes, as long as you are renting bikes from us! We have four different options. The Hollywood rack fits on the back of your vehicle using hooks to attach to the top of your trunk, the side and the bottom. It holds 2 bikes and does not need to be reserved. The vehicle needs to be clear of a fin/spoiler for the rack to fit properly. The second type is the 2″ hitch mount rack. It can hold two or 4 bikes and must be reserved. The third option is the Seasucker roof mount. It suctions to the top of your vehicle and can hold 2-3 bikes. The top of the vehicle needs to be clear of items for it to suction properly. This option also needs to be reserved. The fourth option is a Truck Tailgate Pad that protects the tailgate and the bikes from harm. This can hold up to 6 bikes on an open bed truck.
Racks are $15 a day. Truck Pads are $10 a day.

If it is just “misting” then yes, that light rain is firming up the sand and making the ride even better! If it has been down pouring through the night and still raining hard when you arrive to pick up the bike, there is a good chance that we will not. There are trail systems that have Bentonite in the clay. It has been said that “It goes on like Peanut Butter and hardens like concrete”. No one wants that on their bikes!

We do have a few loaner tools that you can borrow. Please ask and we can show you where they are.

If you are renting for multiple days, yes, you may keep the bikes from 8am on first rental day till 5pm on last rental day. Sometimes there is a situation that requires someone to bring their rental bike in every night and that is fine. Just please bring the bike back a hour before closing so we can secure it before we close in the evening.

We offer an optional “Warranty and Service Plan” that covers trail damages up to $500. It does not cover abuse/neglect so don’t throw our bike off a cliff. If you choose not to purchase the Plan, you will have to pay for damages (above normal wear-and-tear) but not labor. All organized youth groups, will be required to purchase the damage protection.

We work with the Whole Enchilada Shuttle Company getting riders to Mag 7 and to the top of The Whole EnchiladaShuttles drop off ONLY. Please contact Whole Enchilada Shuttles at for shuttles regarding the Hut to Hut and Kokopelli (from Colorado).

From an alpine pass above treeline, down to the sandstone canyon of the Colorado River. From black humus to red slickrock, singletrack to paved bike path: the Whole Enchilada covers every type of riding and scenery that Moab has to offer in one massive, magical, mind-blowing sensory overload.

The Whole Enchilada is technically a complete loop, starting in town, involving many miles of paved road, and returning all the way back to town. This is a long, long way.

Most use a shuttle service and even then, you are looking at over 35-miles back to midtown. Even though the shuttle version is mostly downhill, the Enchilada is not an easy ride. There are a couple of big climbs and if you’ve ever ridden in Moab before, you know that descending here is no walk in the park. It starts with Burro Pass then Hazzard County, then Kokopelli with the option of Jimmy Keen then Upper Porcupine, Lower Porcupine then ends with the famous Porcupine Rim! So now you know WHAT it is, when is it open? The Forest Service will officially open Burro Pass on July 1st (as long as it is clear of snow and mud). When there’s no snow on the LaSals, maybe June, definitely July, August, September, probably the beginning of October, not November, December, January, February, March, April or May. However, the shuttles will go as high as they can, sometimes Kokopelli, sometimes Hazzard, sometimes it may be Porcupine Rim Proper. Can I ride it? Have you ridden 30 miles before that challenges not only your physical being but your mental being as well? Can you handle sustained technical descents? Are you prepared with a hydration pack, food, knowledge of changing a tire, fixing a chain and in for a long day? If you can answer all of those with a YES, then you can ride The Whole Enchilada. (average descent is 4-6 hours, but 8+ hours is not uncommon for the under-prepared rider)

Yes, we have full color paper trail maps that are $3 each. All of the money from the sale of those maps go directly to the Trail Mix group that build and maintain our trails! We also have foldout topo maps that are tear proof, water proof and show the entire area (LaSals, Castle Valley, Arches, Canyonlands, Moab, $14.99+tax).

No, we only do full days, 8am-5pm March-mid June.
Summer is 5pm-2pm (overnight)
After Thanksgiving through February, 9-5pm.

We take the credit card information in case you change your plans and forget to tell us. We also will charge you if you have not picked up your bike by 3pm on your first rental day, regardless if you use the bike or not.

Yes, you have up to 48 hours before your reservation start date to cancel. We ask that you please email to cancel. If you do not tell us in an email, you will be charged.
If you have any questions not covered here, please send us an email at Thanks!!