Moab Bike Shuttles

Need a shuttle to ride the Bar M Trails, Mag 7 or Whole Enchilada?

We are your Moab bike shuttle company that will pick you up at the shuttle parking lot (675 North Main). Plenty of space for you to leave your vehicle while out riding. Scheduled departures for the Whole Enchilada Trail system (Burro Pass, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim- weather dependent) Bar M trails & Mag 7 trails during the spring, summer and fall. Get in more ride-time on your Moab mountain bike trip!

  • Some rides, like Porcupine Rim Trail, Whole Enchilada and Mag 7 have a substantial climb even with a shuttle. This makes the difference for first-timers and tired veterans as well, allowing you to have more fun and log in more ride time.
  • Some roads, such as the Sand Flats Road that riders use to pedal up 12 miles to Porcupine, get very congested and extra-dusty…not too fun.
  • Check out our trails conditions page to see what trails are open. The Whole Enchilada from Burro Pass does not open until after July 1. If you are renting bikes from Poison Spider do not take one of the later shuttles as you will not make it back in time to return the bikes by 5pm. They do offer shuttles earlier but keep in mind the shop may not be open.

Poison Spider Bicycles is not the shuttle company, it is a separate business we work with called Whole Enchilada Shuttle Company. Their website is