Moab Bike Rentals

Get on a great rental bike in Moab today! Affordable rates, Great bikes including Carbon Fiber High End mountain bikes that are professionally tuned every day!
(Rental Bike Day goes from 8am-5pm)


Standard MTB Bike Rentals

Great bikes that are ready for Moab terrain, at our most affordable prices.
Bikes models range from $2500.00 to $3250.00

Best Suited for Moab Brand Trails, Klondike Bluffs and Klonzo trails.

Mid Range MTB Bike Rentals

Bikes with a little more travel and better parts suited for almost all Moab has to offer.
Bikes models range from $3250.00 to $4000.00

Best suited for Mag Seven Trails, Whole Enchilada, Porcupine Rim, and Amasa Back Trails.

High End Premium MTB Bike Rentals

Amazing dream machines, at a reasonable rental price.
Bikes models range from

Best suited for all Moab trails plus the performance edge over your riding buddies!


E-Bikes are a new segment of cycling in Moab.

Conquer Dead Horse Point State Park, Sand Flats Recreation Area (Slickrock trail, Hells Revenge, Fins and Things), and the Sovereign Trail system.

Kids Bikes

We also rent Kids Bikes!

Available to fit a wide range of riders (see options on rental bike form when reserving).

All bikes come with a helmet, repair kit, trail information and our Quick Guide with recommendations for where to eat and stay,
the best rides and a Moab area map.

Please call us if you have questions, or need help reserving your
bicycle(s) toll-free at 1-800-635-1792