Check Out The Unbelievable Mountain Biking In Moab

Moab sports some of the most spectacular and challenging mountain biking anywhere. Porcupine Rim and Slickrock are on the top of the list of rides that made Moab famous. But don’t forget some of the great rides that are off the beaten path like the inspiring slickrock riding out at Bartlett Wash. New mountain bike trails are being developed… ask us about the new Raptor Route; Falcon Flow, Hawks Glide, Eagle Eye!

Never Tried Mountain Biking Before or New to Moab?

Klondike Bluffs and the Moab Brand Trails (Bar-M) are two great locations to get an introduction to Moab mountain biking. Both locations have great riding for all skill levels and spectacular views.  New trails are built every year, many at the beginner and intermediate levels.

There is Something for Everybody!

Here’s a list of some of our favorites…

Easy Rides

Moab Brand Trails (Bar M):

Length: Varies depending on loops ridden

Relatively close to town and Arches NP this trail system has both double and single track options. The Bar M Loop is an 8 mile trail on easy double track. If you’re looking for some beginner single-track riding keep an eye out for Lazy, EZ, Pipeline Spur, Rusty Spur and for kids to try their skills, the Ok Corral.

Dead Horse State Park Trails: *Ebikes are allowed here!

Intrepid Trail – Length: 1.1 miles
Located at Dead Horse Point State Park this trail has varied terrain with little elevation change, and incredible viewpoints! The Big Chief Loop is 9 miles with shorter cut-off options. This is a perfect ride for the whole family. Don’t forget your camera! See the other trails for this area below.

Prickly Pair – Length: 2.5 miles
The terrain at Deadhorse State Park allows for fast single track and gentle climbing sections. Located across the road from the original Big Chief and Great Pyramid loops, this trail links up with Twisted Tree, Whiptail and Crossroads.

Twisted Tree – Length: 1.9 miles
Scenic, twistee, and turnie, this trail passes beautiful vistas far out in the park.

Crossroads and Whiptail – Length: 4.5 miles
The farthest reaching trail in the system, riders may link these trails with Prickly Pair for approximately 8 miles of singletrack riding in the high desert.

Horsethief Trails:
Camping at the Horsethief campground and have some littles? Hit up Wrangler, Rowdy or the beginning of Chisolm for some singletrack fun!

Klondike Bluffs Trails:

Jurassic – Length 3.1 Miles
Rolling singletrack alternative to warm up your legs for more physical riding challenges in the Klondike network. Perhaps on the cusp of Novice and Intermediate in difficulty.

Agate, Jasper Loops and Chilkoot Pass – 4.9 miles
Easy and short loops along gently rolling terrain west of the Copper Ridge Road.

Intermediate Rides

Raptor Route:

Falcon Flow Length 5.5 miles.

From the lower Falcon Flow parking area head east 2.8 miles up Sand Flats RD to find the TH on your left. From the top down you begin this ride with a slight ascent. This trail features fast and flowing sections with awesome views with a few classic Moab chunky rock sections. You’ll find a punchy, but short climb right in the middle of the trail. You can ride this as an out and back climbing from the Falcon Flow parking lot as well. This trail along with Eagle Eye are great options for coming off of The Whole Enchilada trail early to avoid Porcupine Rim.

Hawks Glide Length 1.9 miles.

A part of the Raptor Route and connects the Eagle Eye trail to the Falcon Flow trail. Hawks Glide is recommended as a downhill route, riding from Eagle Eye, toward Falcon Flow.

Eagle Eye Length 2.3 miles.

The Eagle Eye trail is a 2.3 mile trail of twists and turns through Juniper Trees and is a mix of dirt and sandstone. You’ll find awesome views along the way. To Connect Eagle Eye to Falcon Flow you can either stay left at the bottom of the trail and follow Sand Flats RD to Falcon Flow, or follow Lazy Man’s RD to (Porcupine Rim Connector), turn left onto Porcupine Rim and follow it 2 miles until it connects to the Porcupine Rim TH at Sand Flats RD. Falcon Flow is located 800 feet west of the Porcupine Rim TH on Sand Flats RD.

Klondike Bluffs Trails:

Klondike Main Trail – Length: 8 miles

An out & back from South Klondike trailhead (14 miles out & back from highway). It is also a 4X4 trail road so it does get sandy, but can be used to access all of the singletrack, slickrock and other trails at Klondike.

Nome & Alaska – Length: 1.8 miles & 3.7 miles
This athletic trail has solid climbing challenges and fast descending. Link Nome up with Alaska for a strong workout and smooth single track. Away from the more popular southern sections, Alaska traverses a beautiful canyon and returns you to the main trail network on fast, buffed out singletrack. Alaska is best used as a decent after climbing Mega Steps or Little Salty.

Dino-Flow – Length: 5.6 Miles
This singletrack rails along the flats below this huge land mass. Ups and downs, dips and turns, provide riders with a warmup run on rock and soil before tackling any of the climbs which deposit you on the top trail overlooking Salt Valley, and out to the Book Cliffs. Enjoy riding Dino-Flow to the Klondike Bluff 4×4 trail, turn North, and climb up and over to descend down Alaska for a long loop.

Azurite, Miner’s Loop, Malachite, Instep, Sidestep and UFO are singletrack trails to get you to the other trails located on the North side of Klondike Bluffs. You can figure 8, loop, up, or down with these trails, whatever your heart desires.

Klonzo Trails:

A fun system of interlinked trails with intervals of climbing to keep your heart rate and fun factor up. This trail system has a “North” side and a “South” side.

Klonzo North Side

Borderline Trail – Length: 1.7 miles
Primarily smooth red dirt single track for ~1.3 mi, then mildly technical, broken slickrock to the junction with Wahoo trail.

Wahoo Trail – Length: 1.6 miles
Trail follows the contact between sandstone and red siltstone as it climbs to the highest point in the Klonzo trail system. The descent into a valley between two buttes is fast and requires technical maneuvering between large boulders that have rolled into the gulch from the highest butte. The loop is connected after crossing a low red ridge and descending to the junction with Cross Canyon.

Cross Canyon Trail – Length: 1.3 miles
Primarily smooth rolling red dirt single track. The trail serves as a connection between Wahoo, Borderline, Secret Passage, and Dunestone trails.

Secret Passage Trail – Length: 0.7 miles
Primarily smooth, rolling red dirt single track connected to Cross Canyon trail, that takes you down into a hidden valley then back out through a narrow tributary drainage.

Snippet Trail – Length: 0.2 miles
Connects Cross Canyon to Borderline via a faint abandoned roadway. Some red dirt and some rocky outcrops.

Dunestone Trail – Length: 1.6 miles
Primarily bumpy and technical slickrock single track on a mesa top, formed by the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation. Great views along the trail when near the mesa edge. Direct access from Parking Area A, or from Parking Area B via the Cross Canyon trail.

Boondocks Trail – Length: 1.2 miles
Mostly smooth red dirt single track in a low rolling hill area below the Dunestone trail. Boondocks can only be accessed from Dunestone at each end.

Klonzo South Side

Houdini – Length 1.8 miles
This slickrock playground loops you around from the west to the east hitting potholes and sand pockets. Views of the Bar M area, The LaSals and Arches National Park.

After Houdini, you can pick Hotdog (.7) to head to the north trails or Red Hot (.5) to hit Topspin, Roller Coaster, Midway, Wizard, Magician, Gypsy or Carousel. All of the later trails are short .2 – 1.2 miles but give you the option to add miles. Just remember, what goes “down” must go back “up”.

Moab Brand Trails:

North 40, Circle O and Rockin’ A – Length: 8 miles for all trails
For a full day of riding or a quick session of riding singletrack, the trails in this network will entertain riders of all levels. North 40 has soil, rock, and a bit of climbing up and around huge boulders. The committing Circle O has challenging slickrock riding over petrified sand dunes. Try Rockin’ A for a similar yet shorter slickrock dose. Both Circle O and Rockin’ A are less aggressive than the original Slickrock trail in Sandflats. Definitely gives you a taste of what “The” Slickrock is like!!

Magnificent 7 Trails:

Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Little Canyon – Length: 8.8 miles
Bull Run is a mix of singletrack, double track, slickrock and soil that descends parallel to the Gemini Bridges road, this is a suggested one way trail. It is a scenic and swooping trail that awaits the endurance rider as you work your way along. You can link Bull Run with Arth’s Corner for even more great singletrack fun. Arth’s Corner, at speed, is fast and techie descending with sharp cornering and a couple of arm slicing branches if you go off line. Little Canyon can be used to climb back out to the Gemini Bridges road or a continuation of your descent down Arth’s.

Getaway and Great Escape – Length: 7.6 Miles
Up or down these two trails ride very well. Slickrock, singletrack, fields of cactus to test your steering precision and gorgeous views of Arches National Park await the long distance rider here. Have lunch by Gemini Bridges overlook and contemplate the great La Sal mountains. Of the two, Great Escape requires more skill however riders will find both trails exciting and attention grabbing fun. Getaway is a great climb back to your car after your descent down Bull Run.

If you chose to do the Mag 7 trails and continue to Portal via Gold Bar/Gold Rim, this becomes a DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND EXPERT RIDE!!!!!

Horsethief Trails

Located on Hwy 313, these trails are near the Horsethief Campground, across 313 and these trails connect to the Navajo Rocks and Mag-7 trail systems.

Chisolm – Length 7.1 miles
Slickrock, ledges and dirt. This trail connects the Navajo Rocks trails to the Horsethief campground, and up to the Mag-7 trails.

Mustang Loop – Length 3.1 miles
Aerobically demanding, moderately technical. Surface varies from dirt to slickrock patches with numerous turns, drops and climbs.

Whirlwind Loop, Hidalgo or Wildcat – Any of these trails will take you to the 7-Up trail, for intermediate riders, 5-7% grades.

Advanced/Expert Rides

Amasa Back Trails:

Captain Ahab – Length: 4.3 miles (directional)
The brain child of one of our own mechanics, Ahab features skilled trail building and rock work, creating flowing single track riding for skilled riders seeking air and fast turns. While you can “roll out” all the sections of this trail, once a rider has recorded certain features, Ahab changes it’s personality to match each riders mood. Please respect the “one way” directional nature of this singletrack for all riders’ safety.

Hymasa Trail – Length: 3.2 mile (great uphill to link to Captain Ahab)
Super fun two-way singletrack trail that parallels Amasa Back. It is a great option for climbing or descending instead of riding on the Amasa Back Jeep trail. It is a fun technical ride.

Rockstacker and Jackson – Length: 4 miles
Bring your body armor for these trails. Strong climbing and solid biking skills are mandatory. These exciting runs have drops and challenging obstacles to surmount. There are a few spots on these trails that are no fall zones. Jackson has lines near the cliff’s lip where if you flip you’ll fly off and down to the river’s bank.

Pothole Arch – Length: 1.9 miles
Beautiful views and fields of slickrock connected with ribbons of single track await the rider who rides to the arch for a full day of adventure riding.

Moab Brand Trails

Deadman’s Ridge – Length: 3.2 miles

Long Branch (1 mile) and Bar B Loop (2.5 miles)

Single track loops which will test your technical bike handling skills. The terrain winds through trees and boulders as you climb around on the different ridges. Keep a keen eye for petrified pieces of logs and branches along the sides of the trail here.

Sidewinder provides a speedy singletrack descent parallel to the paved bike path at the Southern end of the Brand Trails for your last little bit of dirt riding as you return to town.

Pipe Dream Trail

Length: 5 miles one direction- will be longer as an out and back.

Singletrack right in town! This ride is loaded with technical switchbacks, tight turns, rock ramps, and moderate exposure. Do this as an out and back or loop it on the road, 7-10 miles depending on route options.


Length: 12 mile loop

People come from all over to try the world famous Slickrock Trail. It’s smooth and steep with natural bowls. Grippy sandstone allows you to try really steep moves. Freeriders love the natural half pipes and drop-ins. This unique ride put Moab at the forefront of the mountain biking scene. Highly recommended to be proficient in using your dropper seat post, ascending and descending steep terrain and with using your brakes.

Whole Enchilada (double black diamond!!! EXPERT ONLY)

Length: 32 miles from Burro Pass

This ride will push you to your limit but with a smile the whole way. Reserve a shuttle to take you up to the La Sal Mountains where you’ll start pedaling and top out at 11,000′. Then the descent starts and does not end until you hit the River Road at 4,000′. Along the way don’t miss the turns for Burro Pass, Hazzard County Trail, Kokopelli Trail, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim. Definitely want to gear up and fuel up for this one. Ride time is based on several factors: 1. Fitness/Stamina 2. Skill/ability/experience 3. Personal preparedness (food, water, energy level) 4. weather conditions and 5. Mechanical issues.

E-Bike Rides

Sovereign Trail

Length: 16 Miles (Several out & back loop options to go shorter or longer)

Super fun desert singletrack. Rocks, ledges, sand. Moderately technical and totally fun. Winding, fast singletrack spiced with some climbs and some slickrock riding. Killer Views of the La Sals. Be sure to stay on the trail… this ride has lots of healthy crypto-biotic soil- fragile desert top soil that looks a whole lot better with no tire tracks through it!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mountain biking in Moab, and the ratings will vary depending on the rider, and your own local terrain. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for personalized suggestions.