Shimano Service Center

Certified Shimano Service Center

Poison Spider Bicycles Service

Moab is tough on bikes; really tough!

Our technicians have seen it all- delaminated tires, ruined rims, blown fork dampers, broken freehubs, disabled dropper posts—and the usual flats and derailleur issues.  Our techs have the training and firsthand experience to professionally repair your bike. We know you are here to ride; we can often turn around repairs within 24 hours and have the largest selection of accessories and replacement parts.

We train with many manufacturers & vendors each year to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, including isolated dampers, electronic shifting, disc brakes for road.

Ship Your Bike

Ship your bike to Moab and have it assembled and ready to ride on your arrival.  Ship your bike to us and have our technicians assemble it by the date specified.  We can also box and ship your bike for the return trip home at a great price.

Service Menu

(not all services listed, parts not included)

green-smLEVEL 1: Green Jersey ($50)

Safety examination of all moving parts
Nuts & bolts
Quick releases/ thru axles
Inspect tires
Set tire pressure
Check drivetrain for wear
Lubricate drivetrain
Adjust brakes
Adjust derailleurs

LEVEL 2: Polka Dot Jersey ($85)

Level 1 service, PLUS:
True & tension wheels off the bike
Drivetrain surface clean (on bike)
Complete bike wash & clean
1/2 off a la carte add ons

yellow-smLEVEL 3: Yellow Jersey ($125)

Level 1+2 service, PLUS:
Removal & cleaning of all drivetrain parts (solvent tank)
Free installation of parts purchased through poison spider
Cleaning of brake rotor/rim, resurface pads, clean & lube pistons
Suspension setup with customer

Suspension Service

(parts not included)

Fork level 2 ($110)

Level 1 PLUS: Service damper, Service air seals

Fork level 1 ($80)

Thorough inspection for damage/wear, install new dust wipers & foam rings, change oil

Rear shock level 1 ($50)

Thorough inspection for damage/wear, replace air seals, change oil,
install bushing hardware if needed

Rear shock level 2 ($110)

Level 1 PLUS:  service damper, custom damping shim stack

Suspension setup ($15)

Consultation & setup of front & rear suspension
Adjust pressure, compression, & rebound

A La Carte

(average labor costs)

Brake bleed ($30)
Derailleur adjustment ($15)
Cable & housing install ($18)
Overhaul hub ($30)
Overhaul headset ($30)
Overhaul bottom bracket ($30)
Install tube ($8)
Slime a tube ($4)
Tubeless refill (stan’s) ($12)
Tubeless tire install ($15)
Wheel true ($20)

Shop hourly rate ($60)
Minimum shop charge ($5)