Mountain Bike Rentals

Trek Fuel EXE 9.5

You want a trail bike that's ready to ride everywhere, and gives you a little extra fuel on the ascents. You don't want to sacrifice the nimble feel of a traditional trail bike for a beefy motor, and prefer a refined assist that feels—and sounds— natural underneath you.
150mm Front / RockShox Deluxe Select+ RT, 205mm x 60mm Rear

Yeti 140

Discover the next-generation of translating pivot suspension designs. Setting new expectations for kinematics, longevity, sensitivity, and strength.
140mm Front / FOX FACTORY FLOAT DPS Rear

Yeti 120

Crushing souls on the descent is more than half the fun. And a hell of a lot more than half the point. The SB120 is wicked quick in your direction of choice.
120mm Front / FOX FACTORY FLOAT DPS Rear

Pivot Trail 429

The new Pivot Trail 429 Trail Enduro defies categorization, and smashes KOMs. Mixing the progressive geometry and handling of longer travel all-mountain sleds with the responsiveness and speed of dedicated race rigs ushers in a new breed of hyper-capable trail bike.

Ibis Ripley AF 29″

Incredible snap and responsiveness are its trademarks, and a whole mess of plush, chun­der-eat­ing, down­hill-crush­ing good­ness gets thrown in for good measure. Wrap that together and you get the best suspension you’ll find anywhere.

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