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Auto Racks

If you are in Moab with your personal or rental vehicle we can help get you a rack to transport bikes. Our Hollywood Trunk Racks fit on most cars. These racks easily carry 2 bikes. If you have room you might be able to fit the third bike in the vehicle. We also rent Thule T2 Hitch racks (2 inch hitch) These racks will carry up to 4 bikes and are perfect for larger groups of riders. If you are in a pickup truck the Trail Gate Pad makes things super easy. If you have a large pickup bed you can carry up to 6 bikes safety. We will help you install the rack on your car along with bikes to show you how the system works. All rental bikes require appropriate transportation, meaning you can’t strap the bikes to your roof!

If these options do not work we also have a shuttle van that can drop you off to the trailhead. We offer daily shuttles to the Moab Bar M Trails, Mag 7 and Whole Enchilada Trail system.

Hollywood Trunk Bike Rack (Holds 2 Bikes)

$15.00 per day- additional day $10.00

Thule T2 Pro Hitch Racks (Only 2 inch hitches/ Holds 4 Bikes)

$25.00 per day- additional day $20.00

Tailgate Bike Pad

$10.00 per day

Seasucker Bike Rack (holds 3, 2 or 1 bike)

$15.00 per day – additional day $10.00

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